Our mission

Make the decentralized financial world accessible – for everyone.

Decentralized and trustless systems create a world that empowers individuals: one’s right to engage in financial services and economic transactions is neither gated on proving creditworthiness and the ability to pay account fees, nor subject to censorship.

Open Source

TBD’s open source platform enables developers to build products and services on decentralized technologies.

We believe an open source model will win in a decentralized, permissionless world.

TBD’s strategy: build open source protocols, collaborate with the community, and invest in the ecosystem as a public good to advance the state of decentralization.

Decentralized Identity

The most important information we need to own is information about ourselves. Today, our identities and log-ins are controlled by increasingly centralized entities.

Before we can build a new system in which people are in control of their digital and financial lives, we need to start with fixing identity.

The great power of the internet has been the democratization of information.

With decentralized identity, TBD is reinventing the account model of the internet – to empower people to own their identities, unlock access to financial services, and regain privacy and control over how their personal data is used.

Introducing tbDEX

With decentralized identity, TBD can facilitate all sorts of trusted exchanges, economic transactions, and liquidity without centralized intermediaries. The tbDEX protocol is our first example: it unlocks financial services across fiat and cryptocurrencies, by enabling individuals to directly on-ramp and off-ramp between the traditional payment and decentralized financial systems. tbDEX connects the world of legacy money to digital money.